News and Updates

January 12th, 2022
Welcome to 2022! I hope this new year is treating you well, thus far. A few days ago here in my area of New Jersey, we had our first snowfall of the winter season. So, I figured this is the perfect time to drop the newest video game that’s called Best Snowboarder Kid Ever. Heavily inspired by Best Skateboarder Kid Ever, this snow-themed adventure brings the SLP Video Games library to a total of 20 video games. Yes! Best Skateboarder Kid Ever allows you to control a fast-moving snowboarding character. Safely woosh through 20 levels of snowboarding action while you try to avoid all obstacles in your path. I hope you love Best Snowboarder Kid Ever, and I’ll see you in February with the next video game drop. Until then, have fun in the snow!

December 3rd, 2021
December is now here and where I live (New Jersey, USA), the weather is getting colder and colder. Brrr! Cold weather isn’t the greatest, but do you know what cold thing is the greatest? Ice cream! And that’s exactly what the newest video game features. In Cherry Jimmy Drop, you play as a cherry who loves to drop down and land right on top of delicious ice cream sundaes. Yum! It’s a really fun video game where you control the ground in a unique way that allows Jimmy to fall through the holes to eventually make it to its final sweet destination. With this month’s addition of Cherry Jimmy Drop, it brings the SLP Video Games library to a total of 19 video games. Nice! Enjoy Cherry Jimmy Drop and I’ll look forward to posting the next video game in January.

November 10th, 2021
Happy November to you! As always, I’m pumped to post an update but this particular update is a very special one because this time of the year marks the first anniversary of Yes! I can remember it like it was yesterday – it was October 26th, 2020 when officially launched. I had no idea if anyone was going to sign up but on launch day not one but two people did (thank you Angela S. and Nick C.). So, in celebration of this cool milestone, I wanted to add an extra video game to the SLP Video Games library. This month I am adding Cannonball Golf Ball and Apples All Day.

Cannonball Golf Ball feels a lot like Cannonball Basketball, and that’s very intentional. I’ve gotten lots of messages from clinicians stating how much the children on their caseloads adore Cannonball Basketball, so I figured it would be rad to create a golf version. If you love Cannonball Basketball, you’re going to love Cannonball Golf Ball. Shoot that golf ball in the air and make sure it goes into the hole!

Apples All Day is a fun video game where you get to control an apple-obsessed character. Collect all the apples in each level to trigger a portal to transition to the next level. Successfully make it through all 20 levels and your apple-obsessed character will be presented with a massive prize that would make any apple lover squeal with pure apple happiness. Yum!

With the addition of Cannonball Golf Ball and Apples All Day, they bring the SLP Video Games library to a total of 18 video games. That’s a pretty impressive number, if I do say so myself. I just really want this website to be as jam-packed as possible with oodles and oodles of video game goodness. I can’t wait to show you December’s video game. Until then, take care.

October 4th, 2021
October is here, and a new month means a new video game. It’s with great excitement that I introduce to you the video game called Miles Love Tiles (this one brings the SLP Video Games library to a total of 16 video games). Help the character named Miles collect all of the tiles so that he can reach his dream of becoming the best tile collector ever. If you like maze-type experiences, Miles Love Tiles will make your heart sing!

September 2nd, 2021
Welcome to September. This new month brings a new video game to the SLP Video Games library (which is now a whopping 15 total video games). It’s called Gravity Truck Racer and it will have your heart racing in a matter of seconds. Grab the keys to your very own Gravity Truck Racer and drive on both the floor and the ceiling. Get up, get down, and drive to the finish line without crashing. It’s harder than you think. Fasten your seatbelt and go, go, GO!

June 12th, 2021
I’m now officially on “summer break” and that means that for the remainder of this month, and into July and August, I will be dedicating every waking moment to working on new video games to expand the SLP Video Games library. At the time of me typing this update, the SLP Video Games library currently features 14 amazing video games. And guess what? I’m just getting started. Here’s what you can come to expect with your SLP Video Games annual subscription for the upcoming 2021-2022 academic school year. Starting this September, I will launch one new video game every month until May. So that means that by the time May of 2022 rolls around, you will have access to 9 new video game, which would eventually bring the total video game count to an impressive 23. Nice! So that’s the plan. I hope you’re as excited as I am.

April 18th, 2021
Every video game in the SLP Video Games library now has a corresponding Sample Dialogue and Questions Packet. You will see the “Download Now!” icon at the bottom of each video game’s information page. It’s my hope that you will use these packets with your clients/students in an attempt to engage in meaningful conversations during the video gaming experience.

March 29th, 2021
It’s with great excitement that I announce to you this latest video game that I just added to the SLP Video Games library (this brings us up to 14 total video games). It’s called Cheese Cheese Pretty Please and it features a mouse that loves… cheese! Help the mouse character navigate through levels that are filled with lots of yellow pieces of cheese. Eat all the yellow pieces of cheese to advance to the next level but don’t eat any green pieces of cheese because those are rotten – YUCK! Also, don’t touch any of those spikes in the floor because those are sharp – OUCH!

March 16th, 2021
It’s time for another video game! I’ve just added Coins in the Forest to the SLP Video Games library. With this new one, it brings us to a total of 13 video games. Personally, I enjoy Coins in the Forest because it’s a bit of a slower paced video game (and this slower pace might be ideal for some clients). Also, the overall design lends itself nicely for clients to verbalize commonly used directional words such as up, down, left, and right. Overall, I dig this video game and I hope you and your clients will, too!

February 9th, 2021
I’ve just added a new video game to the SLP Video Games library, and this new one brings us up from 11 video games to 12, total. Nice! This video game is called Best Skater Kid Ever. If you have any clients on your caseload who enjoy skateboarding, this one’s totally for them. Happy skateboarding!

December 16th, 2020
I’m currently working on three new video games that will be added to the SLP Video Games library in the early part of 2021. Keep your eyes peeled!

November 24th, 2020
Every video game in the SLP Video Games library now has a corresponding Certificate of Completion. After your client/student successfully completes all 20 levels of a video game, feel free to download and personalize a certificate. You will see the “Download Now!” icon at the bottom of each video game’s information page.

November 11th, 2020
I’ve improved the “Share Link” function of every video game in the SLP Video Games library. Now, the overall “Share Link” experience is more intuitive. You will see the “Copy Share Link” icons within each video game’s information page.

October 25th, 2020
SLP Video Games is now officially live with 11 wonderful video games! More video games to come so stay tuned!